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Professional support

Multilingual support

Simplified Chinese、English、Thai、Vietnamese.

Multiple currency support

RMB (China)、Baht (Thailand)、Rupiah (Indonesia)、Bitcoin、Ringgit (Malaysia)、Dong (Vietnam), Won (South Korea)、Singapore Dollar、Australian Dollar、New Zealand Dollar、Yen (Japan)、US Dollar, Rupee (Indian)、Pound sterling(United Kingdom)、kyat(Myanmar)、ruble(Russia).

Multiple front-end docking options

support calls on Desktop and Mobile web, support the embedding of Mobile web calls in App, support the pre-loading of Mobile call resources in App (an effective solution to problems such as network delays and hijacking) .

Product support

Singular access to lists of specific game types, timed switching off of background music. The Desktop version supports App installation assistance and other hidden interface functions, hidden game exit buttons, Support for universal wallet, docking trial runs, and various kinds of detailed data queries.

Game Features

There are three betting rooms to choose from: Titan Planet (1-10 points), Blue Planet (10-100 points), and Starry Planet (100-1000 points). The bigger the room, the higher your chance of winning treasures. Want to win Galactic treasures? Come grab some now!

Three unique items

Three ultimate power items appear in the game at random intervals!
We’ll take you on a Galaxy-wide tour and bring you ultimate thrills!


Increase your catch rate! Want double payouts? Then use a laser cannon! After you shoot, it randomly attacks outer space monsters, so the monsters have nowhere to hide!


A wide-ranging attack!
Your catch rate will go up a little while the toxic gas is spreading! Quickly deploy a bomb to randomly attack outer space monsters.


Strong fire power! Lock on your target! Increase your catch rate a huge amount! Which alien has the treasures? Don't worry! Use your UF guided missiles to randomly lock on monsters with lots of treasure and snatch the treasure away from them!

Many special ways to play and lucrative prizes await you!

The treasures are hidden deep inside the spaceship! The spaceship will randomly drop parts and extra bonuses! Destroy the Shark Pirate Spaceship successfully and you might get a chance to win 300x, 400x, 500x and more grand prizes etc! Looking for great prizes? Take your shot at the Shark Pirate Spaceship now!

Discover vast outer space treasures! When you shoot, you might get a chance to activate the Galactic Interstellar Gate, then get a chance at unlimited Milky Way Spins.Want to become Galactically rich? Snatch treasures away from the monsters, and then see if the God of Fortune will bless you with a chance to scoop up a huge haul!

Awesome thunder power! Get the Thunder Hammer to trigger a huge attack against the outer space monsters! Want to try catching lots of monsters at once? Thunder Hammer is here to help!

Gongxi facai! Congratulations on your winnings! Limited edition event monsters are here with red-envelope bonuses! During the event, event monsters will appear in the Galaxy. Destroy the monsters and get a chance to win 5x bonuses, and random red-envelope bonuses!

Demon King BOSS

Ultimate treasure! The Golden Rooster King descends from the sky! Destroy the Golden Rooster King to win a cumulative Golden Rooster payout multiplier, up to a maximum of 5000x! Grab the Golden Rooster King and get a rich multiplier! Want to easily win high-multiplier prizes? The Golden Rooster King is waiting for you to take the challenge!
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