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World-class video halls

BG Live Casino games are streamed from live video halls that conform to international standards. The entire video hall is closely monitored to ensure impartiality and transparency in the better process, thus securing the fairest circumstances for your gaming experience. Join us to enjoy ultra-low latency streaming with high definition videos with instant rendering!

Cards dealt online by sexy dealers
Beautiful BG streamers as your partners in gameplay

Multilingual support

Simplified Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay, Korean and Japanese.

Multiple currency support

RMB (China), Baht (Thailand), Rupiah (Indonesia), Bitcoin, Ringgit (Malaysia), Dong (Vietnam), Won (South Korea), Singapore Dollar, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Yen (Japan), US Dollar, Rupee (Indian), Pound sterling (United Kingdom), kyat (Myanmar), ruble (Russia).

Multiple front-end docking options

support calls on Desktop and Mobile web, support the embedding of Mobile web calls in App, support the pre-loading of Mobile call resources in App (an effective solution to problems such as network delays and hijacking), support Android SDK and IOS SDK.

Betting at multiple tables

Players can place bets at four tables at the same time and switch between the selected tables quickly. Besides cutting down on loading time, players can also enjoy the excitement of betting at multiple tables simultaneously.

Support for universal wallet

Players need not transfer their credits. Log in directly to play!

Product support

Singular access to lists of specific game types, singular access to specific table games, handicap betting (table limit) customized according to betting halls or personal requirements, banning of commission-free baccarat games, banning of reverse betting, timed switching off of background music. The Desktop version supports App installation assistance and other hidden interface functions, hidden game exit buttons, the opening and closing of chatrooms, docking trial runs, and various kinds of detailed data queries.

Huge variety of games


At BG Live Casino, you can enjoy the trendiest version of baccarat, in which the dealer deals 6 cards to begin the game. There is a variety of options for you, such as speed baccarat and play-safe baccarat, on top of exclusive games created by Big Gaming, including MI Baccarat and Multicolor baccarat. The many different gameplay choices provide players a constant sense of novelty and endless fun!

MI Baccarat

The most distinct feature of MI Baccarat, a BG Live Casino game, is that all betting players are allowed to peek at the cards. The interactivity during the card-peeking simulates a real casino setting, and the friendliness and professionalism of the streamers let you enjoy the unparalleled fun of card-peeking anytime, anywhere. Players can also interact with our beautiful Taiwanese streamers in real time. You can even 'tip' your favorite streamer if you like!

Multicolor baccarat

Multicolor baccarat is based on traditional baccarat but has the unused cards (Q and K) removed. Then, white cards are added to create a five-color deck, which produces highly varied possibilities that promise an exciting gameplay experience! The first of its kind in Asia, Colorful Baccarat allows for more diverse gameplay with the inclusion of white cards, more excitement generated by the priority given to negative figures, and more efficient playing experience with the elimination of unnecessary cards. All these factors create more unpredictability and possibilities for Multicolor baccarat as compared to the traditional version of the game.

Dragon Tiger

A duel between Dragon Tiger, a match determined by a single card. A new match begins with every dealing. Can you keep up with the pace? The gameplay is simple and quick, and the betting methods are diverse. This easy-to-play and exciting game is the best option for someone wishing to experience the fun of betting.

Sic Bo

The best entry-level game! Sic Bo's long history, widespread popularity, simple and fast rules, and the fact that it requires no skills to play makes it advantageous and easy for many players to participate in. It is the most popular game in the Chinese community!


One of the oldest betting games in the world, the roulette originated in France and has since gained the love of players all over the world. This exciting and thrilling game is both a test of luck and tactics. There are many ways that players can place their bets, so go ahead, tap on your strategies, and spin your way to a greater fortune!

Bull Bull Baccarat

The gameplay is simple yet extremely interesting. This very local game is fast and exciting, a must-try for players who are bold and cautious at the same time!

Win Three Cards

Win Three Cards, also known as Three-Card Win and Binding Golden Flowers, is a popular game among the Chinese folk. Players hold three cards each, and a winner emerges based on their cards' types. Golden Flower is a tactical card game that is mentally stimulating. The process of outsmarting other players is thrilling and intriguing, while the gameplay is novel, and the rules easy to learn.

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